Arms and disarms security system
• Remote control of select lights and appliances
• Simple, single-button operation (no codes)
• Sleek design incorporates four fully programmable buttons with recessed
keys – two of which can be pressed in unison for panic situations
• Equipped with long-life, user-replaceable lithium batteries
The Wireless Remote Control Keyfob is the perfect fit for your active life because
it's security that goes with you – letting you enjoy extra mobility without ever
compromising your safety or peace of mind.

• 6160 Custom Alpha Keypad
• 5881ENH Unlimited-Zone Wireless Receiver
• Compatible with 5828/5828V wireless keypad on VISTA systems
• 5800TM Status Transmitter
• Single four-wire run is all that's required
• It is the ideal choice where wireless keys are to be used:
- Keys can be programmed at the panel, just as they would with the 5881ENH
• Fully compatible with all 5800 wireless devices
• The 5800TM Module needed to support the 5804BD and 5804BDV is already built in
• Supports encrypted operation of the 5804E and 5804BDV four-button keys

• U.L. Listed.
• Year 2000 ready
• Handles up to two calls simultaneously with one receiver housing.
• Single line card handles all major formats.
• Line cards support Caller ID and Caller Name Delivery.
• Modular configuration for easy replacement and repair.
• Easy to set up and program cards.

Silent operation
• Double-pole double-throw contacts for multi-notifications
• Twin 45° screw terminals with EOL resistor splicing terminal
• Adhesive pads for temporary positioning while installing
• Stainless steel cover (269R and 269SN)
• Fully supervised
• Convenient reset key for testing and/or reset of alarm

• Accepts most formats on same line card
• Stores 26 signals per line card
• 8 line cards capable of monitoring 400,000 accounts
• 61 functions programmable from front panel keypad
• Vacuum Fluorescent 40 character display of all signals and system messages
• Different English language for each line card • Exclusive power supply eliminates need for cooling fan
• All programming permanently stored even if AC and battery power are lost
• RS 232 output for computer compatibility
• Operator log on/log off by ID
• Can be used stand alone or with computer
• Built-in listen in capability
• Line fault detection
• Automatic or manual pick up capability
• Easy access to line cards from front panel
• UL listed for both fire and burglary
• Can use without phone line for proprietary applications



• Easily connects to an alarm panel and automatically dials out when activated.
• Two independent voice messages. Stores up to four telephone numbers, cellular numbers or pager numbers.
• Delivers a message of up to 16 seconds to each number stored.
• Instant trigger or exit and entry delay settings.
• Repeats message two times to ensure full message is delivered.
• Waits 8 to 10 rings; calls back unanswered numbers up to 8 times.
• EEPROM retains memory if power is lost for up to one year.
• Optional 9-Volt internal battery provides stand-by power for approximately two to three days.
• Can be used worldwide due to Universal Dial Tone.
• Can beused with PBX and regular telephone systems.