5000 Series Telephone Entry Control System


Only resident-side telephones will open system doors
• Door-strike time lengths are programmable
• Programmable user codes for keyless entry (4 - 6 digits)
• Up/Downloadable programming with SKSS (Silent Knight Software Suite)
• All tenant phone numbers remain confidential
• System options and user information is stored in flash memory for instant recovery after total power loss
• Postal lock installation provisions
• 20 digit dialing capability
• Simple programming through built-in touchpad
• 1,000 occupant capacity out of the box. No expansion chips required
• Each 5083/5084 can be configured as a master or slave (satellite) unit. Only one master unit per system
• Up to four slave (satellite) units can be connected to the master unit to cover multiple entry points, sharing a single phone line
• Handsfree (5083) and Handset (5084) models
• Built-in touch-tone and/or time window controlled auxiliary relay
• Large backlit LCD display
• Surface or flush mountable
• Vandal-resistant rust-resistant weather-resistant stainless steel cabinets
• Braille touchpads
• 4 different greeting messages to choose from