IFP-1000VIP Farenhyt


Built-in support for up to 127 Hochiki devices, expandable to 1016; or 99
IDP detectors and 99 IDP modules, expandable to 792 IDP detectors and 792 IDP modules
• All the features of the IFP-1000 Fire Alarm Control Panel combined with a fully integrated voice evacuation system
• Built-in Digital Message Repeater using DSP technology
• Three field programmable user messages
• Upload/download voice messages using a PC and the 7780 voice messaging application
• Program voice messages via serial interface or built-in microphone
• Support for up to eight VIP-50s (50 watt SBUS addressable amplifiers) for a maximum of 400 watts per system
• Single enclosure for both fire and voice system control components
• On-board supervised microphone
• System can support two supervised remote microphones (VIP-RMs)
• Up to 64 mappable speaker circuits using a combination of VIP-50s and VIP-CE4s
• Supports 25 Vrms or 70.7 Vrms speaker circuits
• Built-in RS-232 and USB interface for programming
• Upload or download programming, event history, or detector status onsite or from a remote location using a PC and 5650/5651 Silent Knight Software Suite (SKSS)